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We Provide Email Services

Messaging and Groupware offers email solutions for personal or business use, including shared and dedicated servers for an IBM email system that benefits from an extensive set of features and solutions, and Microsoft Exchange 2013 is available for an easy to use multi-platform mailbox with 25GB of storage per mailbox. We accommodate all business sizes and supply the current competitive rates for secure and reliable email systems.

The Benefits of Hosted Email

You are not limited to the space you can acquire with a free email system, and have better control over your email system while also being unlimited in growth. With Messaging and Groupware, your email is hosted on UK only servers. We can on request offer connections abroad.

Why pay a monthly fee instead of using a free service?

Free email solutions are limited in what they can do and their reliability. You are limited in storage space and how large email attachments can be, while additionally having no real control over your email management and at the mercy of their email servers accepting the email you want.

Most free service email systems also don't allow your own email domain name and instead only the one you are given, having your own dedicated server also means your email address domain name will be your own. A dedicated server bypasses all these limits and allows much greater capabilities in addition to other useful features.

Is it expensive?

No, we have different email packages available for different requirements suited to your budget. We supply a cost effective 'Basic' email option, which can be upgraded to Microsoft Exchange at any time. It also does not take long to setup, you will save valuable time when you add new users or change configurations.

Our services are payable by Paypal, we accept other payment options such as by invoice and Bitcoin.

Features Basic
(from £1.99 per month*)
Microsoft Exchange 2013
(from £4.99 per month*)
IBM Notes
(from £16 per month*)
Mailboxes 1 1 Unlimited within shared storage.
Storage 2GB 25GB 100GB to 400GB
Maximum Message Size 15MB 50MB Unlimited
Outlook Intergration via POP and IMAP YES Configurable
Webmail Standard Webmail Outlook Web Application IBM Webmail
Anti-Virus YES YES YES
Anti-Spam YES Configurable Configurable
Multi-Platform (Any Device Access) YES YES YES
Expert Helpdesk Support YES YES YES
Calendar NO YES YES
Backup Solution None Available Monthly Off-Site Backup Monthly Off-Site Backup

*Excluding VAT.

Our Helpdesk Support

Messaging & Groupware offers helpdesk support for setup and server management queries and issues. Additional support is available for IBM Notes and Domino users regarding client software and server configuration. We do not provide support for client-side hardware issues.

UK Hosted Servers

Messaging & Groupware supplies servers that are hosted in the UK. We can on request offer hosting in other countries.


A software license is required for all our IBM services and software applications, if you do not have your own IBM software license to use, purchase of a license can be provided.

More Information

For more detail on our Basic and Microsoft Exchange email services, please visit here.

For more detail on our IBM email services, please visit here.