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Fully Managed Websites

Messaging & Groupware offers full management for websites you host with us, we provide guidance to a choice content management systems that we'll happily manage and design your website to your specifications. Save valuable time and not have to worry about the technical aspects of content uploads or the design of your website.

Content Management Systems

There are several CMS (Content Management System) applications available that can be installed into your website, on consultation we will agree upon the best choice for you and the advantages a CMS will have for your website.

We manage these following popular CMS applications;


Choose from more than 300 pre-made themes and designs or your own custom design. Thousands of plug-ins and widgets available to extend its functionality. Through plug-ins and custom themes you can turn WordPress into a social network, forum, e-commerce website, and much more. There is also built-in functionality for creating blog networks or other multi-blog installations from a single core installation.


As one of the world's most popular software packages used to build, organize, manage and publish content for websites, blogs, intranets and mobile applications, Joomla! has a long development history and a very active developer community. Advantaged by its own scalable MVC (model view controller) architecture, it is also a great base to build web applications.


Drupal has great standard features such as easy content authoring, reliable performance, and excellent security. Uniquely features 'modularity' as one of its core principles to help build versatile and structured content and extend Drupal's functionality.


Magento is an open source platform specially designed for eCommerce websites. Strong advantages include tools for management and control over the appearance of the goods, search engine optimisation (SEO) tools, versatile extensions and high flexibility in customisation.

Other CMS Applications Possible

If for your website the CMS you're looking for is not listed here, simply send us an enquiry and we'll send confirmation whether we can support that application, as most CMS systems are free to install, there will no additional cost unless purchase of a CMS is necessary.

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For any questions regarding our services, please send us a request at our contact page here. Please specify your enquiry and contact details, and we will contact you as soon as possible.