Messaging & Groupware IBM Solutions in the UK

Virtual Desktop Hosting

Access and run your business applications from anywhere and any time with remote desktop hosting. Messaging and Groupware can provide a full setup for a virtual desktop hosted in the UK.

Whether for an individual or a whole workforce, we accommodate the full setup process for you, saving you valuable time and straight into the great advantages that benefit you and your business IT infrastructure.


A hosted virtual desktop enables you to access your IT data and applications at any time with an internet enabled device. Essentially, this means your business works in the Cloud, a hosted desktop is identical to working on a standard PC setup, it will look the same and behave in the same way. Staff training won't be required.

Your data will be hosted on secure UK servers with high security standard SSL encryption, additional firewall protection, restricted access and password protection. All of your data stays in the UK. As your business data never leaves its secure Cloud desktop environment, there is no risk of it being stolen on a physical device such as a laptop.


If you're migrating your desktop to the cloud everything will be kept the same, including your emails and folder structures.

During the migration process we understand the need to keep clients fully informed at all times of the current progress. Our staff will liaise with you to ensure the smooth transfer of your applications and data to our systems. The main transfer of data normally taking place over a weekend to minimize any disruption.

Contact and Purchase

For purchase of our desktop hosting services, please send us a request at our contact page here. Please specify your enquiry and contact details, and we will contact you as soon as possible.