Messaging & Groupware IBM Solutions in the UK

Dedicated Server Hosting

Messaging and Groupware's solutions for dedicated server hosting are reliable, versatile, and affordable, of which we can say with absolute confidence with over 10 years of hosting experience. Our servers are supported by a team of experienced professionals.

For businesses of all sizes, our experts can help you to build a secure, dedicated server solution. Our network architecture has been designed to keep your dedicated server available 24/7.

Whether you're running a digital agency and need a secure but highly powerful solution for your clients, or you're looking for hosting to meet the demands of a multi-channel eCommerce platform, Messaging and Groupware can cater to all your dedicated server needs.

Our servers are available with dedicated IP addresses and have no bandwidth charges.

Fully Managed Servers

Messaging and Groupware uniquely provides a full management of the hardware and operating system for the server you purchase. We will help you to install and configure your server with ongoing support for operating system maintenence and administration. As such, we will require some additional information to support the setup and configuration process before setting a payment arrangement.

Model Processor RAM Disk Space Operating System Price
571 2 Core 4GB 2GB x 500GB HDD SATA UBUNTO 14.04/16.04 from £55 per month*
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761 4 Core 12GB 2x1TB HDD SATA UBUNTO 14.04/16.04 from £80 per month*
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1081 6 Cores 48GB 6x500GB HDD
2x120GB SSD
UBUNTO 14.04/16.04 from £180 per month*
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*Excluding VAT.

*Payment for this service is a monthly payment schedule for a 12 month contract, or alternatively a full price annual contract. For cancellation of service a 30 day notification period is required.

Operating System Options

We provide an optional choice for a Windows2008 or Windows2012 operating system.

UK Hosted Servers

Messaging & Groupware supplies servers that are hosted in the UK. We can on request offer hosting in other countries.