Messaging & Groupware messaging and groupware IBM Solutions in the UK

Welcome, we are Messaging & Groupware

We provide IBM and Microsoft email systems and dedicated servers. Our servers accommodate virtual access for a shared server email system (see our Microsoft Exchange package), or a dedicated server method for more reliable access (see our IBM email package).

We are based in the UK and all of our services are operated in the UK. For full features and advantages of the hosted email services we provide, please visit our email services page.

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About Us

We offer consultancy and support on a wide range of IT systems, but specifically we are IBM specialists in the UK. From small independent businesses to international corporations, our aim is to provide impartial advice that will help grow our client's businesses and provide long term support to decision makers about the direction of IT within the company.

All of our personnel are trained in multiple modern technologies and are able to provide an impartial view and recommendation of your company's IT infrastructure that are in line with your company's policies and practices.

Messaging & Groupware is always adapting to the modern IT environment to ensure that your basic IT infrastructure is adaptable, secure, fully viable with the latest devices, and connectible from varied systems. We update our services with all current industry changes so that the needs of your business is up to date with the market.

Contact us for independent advice for any of your IT requirements and our technicians will be happy to discuss your specific IT situation.